To celebrate the drama of the coast the Culture of the Countryside project ran a series of projects leading up to and during the Cromer and Sheringham Arts festival, involving many artists and local people. Weather was our big theme. It has been described as a chaotic system and it is up to us to notice its many variations as a first stage toward dealing with the gradual signs of climate change. Projects took place, and were exhibited at, The Brick Works, Cromer Road, West Runton, and our special beach huts at Cromer and Sheringham. Supported by CUE East.

Cromer and Sheringham Arts Festival

West Runton Wind Diary

Translucent temporary structures

'We are bound by the ocean; the same water kisses our shores.'


A whistle-stop tour of artists at work

On Tuesday 26 October and Wednesday 27 October Patrick Yarker drove out to the coast to visit several of the artists involved in the Festival who have connections with the ‘Culture of the Countryside’ Project.


Visually informative and beautiful windrose

The windrose took shape from scratch marks in the sand and trails of tiny stones...

Coast posts

Shaw, Gaia 21-04-11
Powell, Paul 31-05-11
Plewmann, Catherine 31-05-11
Munro, Kate 29-04-11
Mount, Gavin 29-04-11
McGowan, Liz 21-04-11
Lomax, Carole 29-04-11
Heslop, Clio 29-04-11
Glasgow, Rosie 29-04-11
Gilbert, Natalie 29-04-11
Fijalkanski, Rachel 29-04-11
Fijalkanski, Krzysztof 29-04-11
Edwards, Annie 29-04-11
Comerford, Millie 29-04-11
Bartlett, Tim 29-04-11
Atkins, Alison 29-04-11
Wheeler, Lucy 21-04-11
Robinson, Matthew 21-04-11