As Sainsbury centre guide it is always interesting to work with different groups and tackle different themes. For the first MEAL visit I was asked to prepare a tour about Hunting and Fishing. The Inuit artefacts are ideal for this for as well as being beautiful objects many are used for fishing and hunting. The toggling harpoon head is a three piece harpoon head used for catching seals or whales,  made from walrus ivory and antler. This small item was admired by the group and led to many thoughtful questions and observations. The limited materials and the skilled needed to make the harpoon were appreciated and related to our less sustainable ways in present day East Anglia.


The second visit was linked to celebrations. This I used to show the Ball Game artefacts which show small clay figures playing a game using a solid rubber ball. Found all over Mexico and Central America  the Ball Game had all the passion and enthusiasm that is today shown for Football! Again the group showed a lot of interest and enthusiasm.