For me, one of the most rewarding experiences as a volunteer for the Culture and the Countryside has been participating in planning meetings for forthcoming projects. As a recent graduate in the History of Art, it was extremely rewarding to be invited to partake in exciting and thought provoking brainstorming sessions within a gallery environment. For example, I recently attended a planning meeting for a forthcoming project exploring the coastal areas from Sheringham to Cromer, concentrating predominantly on the theme of ‘weather.’ Joined by artists contributing to the project, other specialists and members of staff from the Sainsbury centre, firstly we were invited to the UEA weather station to meet meteorologist, Stephen Dorling. This opened up discussion in various ways for the artists and staff alike, particularly in thinking about weather readings and the importance this has particularly to farmers and fishermen. This also lead the group to think about the different ways weather is approached; in an academic manner, in a subjective way in both literature and art, and in the way weather has a highly communicative element, which could be deemed very English! Returning to the Sainsbury Centre, each artist then discussed their own personal contribution to the project, and practicalities and further ideas were brainstormed. As a volunteer, I felt very lucky to have been invited to this early process of  discussion for the project, and very much enjoyed the opportunity to contribute in such a enigmatic and exciting environment.