Exhibition opening at Greyfriars Art Space (5/5)

Belaugh on River Bure - Irene Minnet
Brian Hood

On Saturday 17th July the joint exhibition between artist Kabir Hussain, NNAB and the culture of the countryside project opened in Kings Lynn, part of the 2010 Kings Lynn Festival.

The exhibition was an opportunity to see Kabir’s own mesmerising and thoughtful work, alongside the creative pieces from the NNAB, inspired by Kabir’s skills workshops and the Sainsbury Centre’s world art handling sessions. The starting point for the project had been the role of tactile art, visualising place and ways to represent landscapes. This focus was clearly evident in all the exhibited pieces and Kabir’s original and beautiful hand cast bronze landscapes related sensitively to the group’s work on local landscape. It was a celebratory evening, a culmination of over 4 weeks work together and the valuable learning and sharing experienced.