Grimston Junior School day two Wonderwall Feedback

This is feedback which pupils provided at the end of the second day of the Project at Grimston Junior school.


At today’s event I…


liked modelling clay.  I want to do it again.

had fun making clay pots.

liked doing clay making.

went to the local saddler’s and made clay pots.  Thank you.

loved using the clay.

enjoyed making clay pots.

loved all of it.

liked doing the clay.

enjoyed the clay making.

had a great time and learned lots.

had a great time making pots and masks.

liked the saddlery and I liked making the pottery.

enjoyed making the potteries.

enjoyed doing research.

enjoyed doing the clay.

enjoyed making the pots.

liked the walk.

made something out of clay.

enjoyed the whole day.

went to the saddlery.

enjoyed the pottery making because it was messy and fun.

went to [the] saddle shop on our walk.  I made pottery stuff.  I had a great time.



At today’s even I learned…


all about the history of Grimston and Pot Row.

more about Grimston and Pot Row.  (2 people wrote this.)

how to do skills with…

the saddler’s used to be a bakery!

how to make pottery and I learned a bit more about PNG.  I sort of learned to draw a tiny bit.



At today’s event I felt…




really proud of my work.

extremely happy and excited.



At today’s event I was really surprised by…


the saddle shop.  It was cool.

making Grimston pottery.



At today’s event I didn’t…


like when I got my hand all clayey.

like listening to [one of the visitors]

get to finish any sculpture.

mess up!



When you come the afternoon is the best because you can make or model stuff.  I hate school but today was really fun!