Grimston Junior School feedback

Here is what pupils at Grimston Junior School wrote after the first of their two days working on the ‘Culture of the Countryside’ project.



At today’s event I:


loved chalk carving

enjoyed the carving

enjoyed myself very much

enjoyed carving my own design onto chalk and sketching different bricks

learned how to carve

learned how to carve a kingfisher

explored Grimston

found out a lot of things and had fun

learned to make a model

enjoyed making a model

found out about lots of different types of chalk

enjoyed the carving and the walk

had a great time

liked walking with my friends.  I liked carving.

thought the carving was fun but tricky

felt happy

had fun carving my horse on chalk 

loved making all the models out of chalk

enjoyed carving my picture onto chalk!  And the village walk where we got to sketch leaves and nice patterns

had fun going on the walk and doing the carving

went on a walk

carved a piece of chalk


definitely can tell it was the best [activity] I’ve done in my old school and here.  I LOVED IT!!!

wasn’t naughty



At today’s event I was surprised by:


the heavy rain

the sudden rain

how old the artefacts were

doing this lesson

at the fact we carved in to chalk

that we did carving

that we used nails for carving the chalk

at what we did on the walk

by the carving

because we spent all day in the hall




At today’s event I felt:



good because I didn’t know I was good at carving


happy, excited


really proud of my work

happy and excited

excited and happy

excited, especially when we did carving 


really nervous about the carving because I thought that it would go terribly wrong but it went really well



At today’s event I didn’t:



get the chance to bond with other people 

say no to Nature