How does landscape change?

Landscape may be both formed and changed in many ways, through nature and through human agency, by accident or by design. How it is understood depends on the senses, the sciences, human beliefs and philosophy.  Its stewardship and development depends crucially on relationships with and between animals, knowledge of plants, management of resources. Yet no matter how much we think we know or try to understand landscape, the random effects of weather and climate may confuse and disturb our sense of control and order. The phenomenon of landscape must be local, but its connection with a wider environment, is increasingly of global interest and relevance.


This exhibition contains some key questions and some starting points for thinking about changing landscape from many points of view, from a variety of disciplines, and from different peoples and parts of the world. These include works of art from the University’s art collections, contemporary artists’ projects and installations, and academic research and discoveries. 

There is something here for visitors of all ages to see and to do. You may sit and read in our library, draw and write ideas on the large blackboards, come to lectures, join in discussions and events, read, listen to, or write stories. You can play and explore in a hands-on way, to create miniature landscapes, and to help to make our growing tactile soft landscape change through the seasons.


The Art Lab will be its own changing landscape over time, through different displays, interventions and contributions from art and artists in the cross-channel region.

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