The inspiration of pattern all around us

The morning of Monday 21st March was spent revisiting what the pupils remembered about the role of curators and how to handle and care for the objects. This was practically reinforced through handling a range of objects from the centre in mixed age groups within classrooms. Much of the day’s chosen handling collection related to animal, human and plant life with some pieces presenting a hybrid of characteristics. Pupils confidently examined, recorded and shared responses before translating these into dramatic interpretations or story boards. Their translations were engaging and imaginative and led to further thinking about the context of an object. How the features of a place determine the look and function, because of the materials available and the inspiration of pattern all around us. In the afternoon KS1 explored the immediate environment before translating what they found into clay impressed tablets. KS2 went to the Little Ouse to draw, explore and share ideas of what makes the Little Ouse special and the patterns, animal, plant and watery life found there. Back at school KS2 pupils used all their drawings from the day to experiment with pattern mark making in clay that could represent hybrid forms.