Questioning the ways of moving around the countryside

Gainsborough's House

On Thursday 3rd June collaborative opportunities between Gainsborough’s House and The Culture of the Countryside took place at Gainsborough’s House, Sudbury. The first session was working with the regular Museum Club, who had been studying the exhibition of photographs by Justin Partyka, ‘The East Anglians’. There was lots of thoughtful discussion about the stories and images the photographs told and this then related to discussing and investigating the world art objects used by the outreach team from The Sainsbury Centre. By using local images and questioning the ways of moving around the countryside there were some very interesting realisations about how movement and transport can be very different globally, such as in Papua New Guinea where a lot of travel is water based.In the afternoon a different group, this time of local children took part in a handling and drawing session of objects. Many of the children are regulars at the Art club and drew beautiful and descriptive studies of the pieces, whilst examining and talking about the artefacts.  

Gainsborough’s House is the birthplace museum of Thomas Gainsborough (1727–1788), one of the greatest painters in the history of British art. More of his paintings, drawings and prints are on display here at any one time than anywhere else in the world.