Sally’s local words

Frail = basket used by men in the fields to carry a bottle of cold tea and bread and cheese and a raw onion

Scrab = rush about

Dicky= donkey

Bait = food for man (and horse)

Dag = dew

Fourseys = afternoon break

Largesse = hollered (ie shouting) at conclusion of harvest

Elijahs = straps beneath the knees (to keep out stray corn - or mice!!)

Rub = to sharpen scythe

Buskins = leather or canvas leggings

Slop = smock or coat made from "drab" linen

Village lantern = the moon

Stubba = clover to feed horses

Drenching iron = used to hold horses' mouths open (to give medicine)

Coomb = the weight in corn ( varies - for wheat 18 stone, 16 stone for barley)

Stetch = width of furrow

Brushing = beating birds (for a shoot)

Tilt = tarpaulin

Wet bud (bird) = green woodpecker (early sign of coming rain)

"Smart as a carrot" = neat and tidy